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See what real affiliates have to say about Xtream

  • Toni Marek


    Xtream has completely changed my life and the lives of my family. Through the programs, tools, strategies, and training, I have been able to retire at 42 years old with a lifetime skill. The financial solutions component will provide the final piece for the legacy I am building with my husband, for our children. This was never an option when I was in Corporate America. Now, I have true financial freedom and literacy I am passing on to my children, my family, and my community.

  • Leah Anderson


    Xtream to me is a Company “That is for the people by the people” . I am super excited about financial solutions that is going to be added to the company because it will not only help individuals with poor credit to be able to get financial help, businesses will also be able to get financial help.

  • Heidi Smith


    I am so grateful I found this platform. I have been in some form of business for years , and I was determined to find financial freedom. Imagine if I had spent all those years learning FINANCES and MONEY! My next 5 years will look NOTHING like the last five! Xtream is the game changer I didn’t know I was looking for! We already had amazing products. Can’t wait to see what else we add to the portfolio! Changing lives is what this is about. I am here for ALL of it!

  • Quiana McConnell


    Xtream has been the thing in my life that has been the most consistent since the start of the pandemic. It’s kept me honest with myself and pulled some things out of me that I didn’t know were there. The people of Xtream are my family and I truly mean that.

    I’m so excited for the addition of financial solutions because it’s something that people are familiar with and really need. People want to be financially free but a lot of the time they don’t know how to escape the rat race. I say “the more money you make, the more you want to make” and Xtream provides multiple opportunities for income streams which makes you want more out of life. I love Xtream!

  • Dr. Harry Benjamin

    Lagos Nigeria

    I am beyond excited about Xtream. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that helps our members to address the immediate financial needs of our families, while also providing a platform to generate enough income to fund and fuel our dreams and passions. FUBU - For Us, By Us.

  • Masina Tuufuli


    What drew me to Xtream was their vision of “Building a New WallStreet” and their commitment to helping ordinary people like myself to become a successful student and business owner. In addition, XtreamFX has given my husband (King Nelson) the opportunity to be one of Xtream’s Forex Educators!! It has been a blessing for our family. We are excited to partner with XTREAM and to be contributing to the overall company vision.

  • Coach Jenna Stone

    The Hamptons, NY

    Xtream is a wonderful platform that gives you more than just financial products. It’s a personal development playground for anyone who wants to go to the next level in growing their own business and build a life on their terms 24/7. I’m excited for all of our futures.

  • Denise Johnson

    Murfreesboro, Tn

    Xtream has allowed me to live again. I am visually challenged, and I retired early from the corporate world. Learning this skillset and introducing this opportunity to others has made my life easier and helped me to create financial freedom.

  • Jen Almiron


    “The Xtream platform” shifted all my preconceived ideas about who I am and how I use my talents to make a living. I was a classroom teacher barely surviving. Today, only 8 months in the “Common-Unity” I am thriving in a new field, exceeding my previous monthly income by $3,000 a month. I dropped the mindset of scarcity and “just getting by.” Thanks to the nonstop professional development, in house, I made small shifts in my mindset and now I can accomplish things I never could have imagined. I have placed myself in a position to win. I trust my instinct again and I know a legacy of wealth for my two sons is within my reach. This company has simply brought out the lion inside of me. I can do anything I set in motion. Xtream connected me back to my hopes and dreams.

  • Edlisa Highland

    Republic of Kiribati

    Xtream is really a helpful place for beginners and professionals, and its a way to create financial freedom. Just be HARDWORKING and NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Lisa Mundon


    Xtream has been a blessing to me not only financially, but also for my personal growth. Our Forex Academy is top notch and beginner friendly and we all are winners here! Our Founders are the most supportive people any company could have…they help us launch and build our businesses!!

  • Jessica Ledet-Bellard

    Atlanta, Ga

    As a widowed mom of 5, Xtream means freedom to me. I’m able to earn as little or as much as I want for the day and then on to enjoy my family. Xtream affords me the opportunity to take my kids on trips, and it pays for their extracurricular activities. I’m loving it here🙌🏿.

  • Ryahn Rogers

    Chicago, Illinois

    I am on 17 years old. What Xtream has been for me is life-changing. Its helped me realize what I want to do for a living. I want to teach forex. Not to mention the wealth you get from trading. Xtream has changed my life, and it will help me change other peoples lives too.

  • Dorrel Beckford


    Xtream is my hope for a better financial future. It has given me a great experience so far with meeting new persons, making new friends and learning new things. I love the unity that we have created and the community support that I continue to get. I feel like I have known everyone for a long time.

  • Kendall Middleton (aka: Pastor Pip)


    As a pastor of a small poor church in the inner city, I’m always looking for opportunities… I was introduced to forex at another company which folded… But I unfolded at XtreamFX… I thank God for our leadership team. I’m So happy they started this common-unity. I’ve learned so much as a trader and met some Amazing people here at Xtream . The Master Traders are the Best in the industry and the trainers are the epitome of corporate excellence…Xtream is changing people’s lives in an Xtream way…this is not only a business to me, it’s a Ministry!!!

  • Meena Motiani


    Xtream means a lot to me because its been a blessing in my life since January 2021. I have been getting paid consistently every month. I am building this awesome international business working from the comforts of my own home. I love this community of like minded people supporting each other. Amazing leadership!!!

    Im super excited for the new financial solutions addition to our Forex platform that means even more streams of income!!!

  • Obiora Edeh


    Hello everyone, my name is Obiora Edeh, I am an engineer by profession, and I live in Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

    Xtream means a lot to me. It has taught me about generational wealth and is educating, impacting and empowering people globally.

    I am extremely excited about this program for so many reasons; it has helped me to be a part of the global financial solution, given my family the best life they desire, and also allowed me to have time freedom to spend quality time with my family and loved ones.

    Xtreamfx is not just a business, but a lifestyle.

  • Singhto Yobana


    In recent months, the pandemic had basically destroyed the traditional sources of income and affected my Logistics business in a major way. But I discovered XFX through two amazing people. They have both helped me reposition my mindset towards creating wealth by using basic tools like (a smart phone and connectivity). The brilliant part of this journey is that I can earn with the affiliate referral program, and trading is amazing. I recommend everyone to partake in this dynamic avenue to secure your financial prosperity.

    Xtream is a life saver and wealth creation partner.

    Looking forward to bigger and brighter things. Thanks to Xtream.

  • Kathy Allison


    I have been with XTream since Day 1 and since Day 1, this Common-Unity has been nothing short of AMAZING! Among other reasons, my primary reason for sticking and staying, is the level of Loyalty (which is HUGE for me), Transparency and Family-like vibe Xtream exhibits, is front and center and second to none. The new financial and Trade solutions that will be launched will make us a house-hold name that will change lives across the global! #NewWallStreet!!

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